For Vestal Group, our people are one of the key components of our success and the basis for our future growth.

Our strategy is to attract, develop and maintain people with creative spirit, team spirit, initiative mood, focus on the outcome, operate with integrity and have a passion for creativity.

We are a Group with presence all over the world. This experience has taught us how important respect for diversity is. Our strength lies in integrating all these different elements into our Group’s vision, values ​​and culture. The diversity of our people is, moreover, the key element that helps us to meet the needs of our different clients globally.

The experience and know-how of our human resources makes it able to cope with the demands that new technologies and market demands continually put forward.

Vestal Group systematically invests in the development of its people through continuing education and training while creating the right conditions for the continuous improvement of the performance of its employees.

At Vestal Group we aim to select executives from the labor market who share the same Vision with us, the continuous development and development of products and services that are in line with technological innovations and have a direct impact on the change of our customers.

In this context, Vestal Group has a series of procedures, such as skill assessment, the identification of training needs and the conduct of a Satisfaction Survey of its Employees, which results in actions aimed at improving the working environment.